Online Real Estate Courses

Online Real Estate Courses

Real estate is a timeless and lucrative career. It is also one that requires many hours of real estate education in the form of state-approved coursework. This coursework is mandatory before sitting for the state exam. These courses represent an investment in time, energy and resources into the foundational knowledge necessary for a successful career in the industry.

The required number of hours and course particulars are subject to Florida state regulations, and vary based upon your current level of experience and licensure in the field. For example, those seeking to sit for their first licensure exam are required to complete specific pre-license coursework, while those prepping for their first renewal are required to complete “continuing education” courses.

At the Melbourne School of Real Estate, we have you covered from A-Z. Regardless of if you’re an aspiring real estate agent seeking out a new career path or an existing agent looking to move into a broker role, we have a state-approved course just for you.

Why Online Classes for Real Estate Make Sense

Continuing education as an adult (especially a working adult with responsibilities) can be difficult. In our increasingly virtual world, taking classes online is now a very real and increasingly popular option. You already use the internet, computers and your smartphone daily, why not spend some of that time furthering your career with high-value, immersive and educational coursework that will prepare you for a bright future?

At the Melbourne School of Real Estate, we understand that not everyone is able to make it to our “in-person” courses and programs. This is why we’ve worked hard to develop pre-license, post-license and continuing education courses that satisfy state of Florida regulations for aspiring and current real estate agents and brokers.

Benefits of Our Online Real Estate Courses

  • Courses available all year
  • Registration available 24/7/365
  • The convenience of taking coursework on your time, not ours
  • Accessible 24/7 anywhere you have internet access
  • Affordable and efficient
  • High value, immersive and designed to prepare you for what’s ahead


Sales Associate & Broker Classes Online

Licensing Courses

1. Florida Real Estate Principles, Practices & Law

63 Credit Hours

This comprehensive course covers the foundational knowledge of real estate practices, law, and principles as a necessary educational foundation for aspiring Florida sales associates. Key concepts and information are reinforced through hands-on exercises, quizzes, practice tests, and discussion.

2. Florida Real Estate Broker’s Guide

Designed to cover every aspect of your pre-license education. Coursework builds upon previously learned concepts and career experience, providing insightful and valuable information about managing and owning a broker office. Concepts will cover planning, budgeting, financial statements and projections, employee and contractor management, and more.

Exam Preparation Courses

1. Florida Real Estate Law Exam Prep Course

This course is designed to help prepare individuals on the concepts of Florida real estate laws and rules examination administered by the state of Florida. The classwork covers Florida statutes, commission and administrative rules, and legal processes related to real estate transactions.

2. Florida Real Estate Sales Associate Drill and Practice

Studied up but still unsure if you are ready to sit for the exam? Feel like you need additional practice? This course/module allows you to take practice tests and quizzes that mimic what you can expect on the exam. Results can be used to hone in on areas where you may need additional study time.

3. Florida Real Estate Broker Drill and Practice

For those prospective brokers who need additional assistance or practice, this course module includes practice tests, exams, and quizzes designed to mimic those questions on the actual licensing exam.

Post-Licensing Courses

1. Florida Sales Associate (or Broker) Reactivation Course

These courses (broker or sales associate) are designed for those real estate sales associates and brokers who hold inactive Florida real estate licenses. The 28-hour course covers content from our Florida Real Estate Law, Practices and Principles class and meets the state-mandated education requirements necessary in order to restore your license to active status. This includes the two mandated exams.

2. Post-Licensing Education for Florida Sales Associates

This 45-hour course meets the state requirements for post-licensing real estate education and is continually updated to meet the evolving needs and challenges of the Florida Real Estate market.

3. Broker’s Post-Licensing Florida Essentials of Real Estate Investment

This 30-credit hour course features a comprehensive blend of theory and practical application in order to help you navigate the sometimes complex world of real estate investment. Learn how to effectively leverage capital, identify rock-solid opportunities, and understand tax laws, market conditions, liens, Florida-specific laws and more.

4. Broker’s Post-Licensing Real Estate Brokerage Management Course

This 30-hour credit course aids those brokers in becoming more effective managers while fulfilling one-half of Florida’s post-licensing education requirements for brokers. Practical coverage of management topics enabling brokers to become more effective leaders and communicators in today’s fast-paced real estate climate.

Continuing Education Courses

1. Continuing Education for Florida Real Estate Professionals

This course is designed to help licensed real estate agents in Florida compete the state-mandated continuing education requirement. Coursework covers specialty, core law, and ethics as well as updates to Florida laws and FREC rule changes. This course satisfies the 14-hour FREC mandated continuing education requirements.

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